Studio update #1 – Gold & Green

Category: Studio updates

As you may know we’ve been working hard on a brand new EP and we wanted to tell you what exactly we’ve been up to…

We’ve been in the studio on and off writing since the beginning of the year. Like always we’re being extremely tough on ourselves, more than with “Myopic”, our first release from last year, we’re wholly focused serving the needs of each individual song and beyond that creating a consistent feel between songs. If something we write doesn’t meet those criteria then it gets cut.

So what will the EP sound like? Well, we’re trudging through some murky territory right now, of the 2-3 songs completed we’d probably describe it as equal parts dark, heavy, atmospheric and melancholy. It’s going to be a riot.

Because of this focused approach we’ve got a song we absolutely love but it just won’t fit on the EP, it’s probably our heaviest song to date and it’s called “Gold & Green”. The good news is we’ll be releasing it in the next few weeks ahead of the EP. We hope that quenches your thirst for a bit!

Until next time!

PS. Bonus points for guessing what that picture on the wall of the photo is from.