Defy The Ocean are a two-man musical project that seeks to push the envelope of alternative, guitar-centric music. Always bold, always moving forward, no two releases sound the same.

The duo comprise of Chris Theo and Marcos Economides, lifelong friends who came together in 2009 to begin writing music together for the first time. Chris lives in London and Marcos in Scotland, one in the city, the other in countryside. Together they create a sound that is capable of being crushing one moment and uplifting the next.

The first single Place Your Bets  was released in November 2011, it told a tale of revenge. The second single The Path was released a month later.

In September 2012 the debut EP Myopic was released to critical acclaim.

In late 2016 Marcos and Chris released Elderflower a 33 minute EP that explored the isolation, frustration and promise of life and dreams within the swirling technicolour of modern city life. Elderflower is out now.

2018 sees the release of Monument To Her Exile (Chapter I), the first of four chapters, which together comprise their debut album.